Bangladeshi Tahmina received Malaysian Best Design Award

Kaysar Hamid Hannan,PBA,Malaysia: Bangladeshi Tahmina received Malaysian Best Design Award CTRL Graduate Showcase-2019 of Segi Univesity. Organized by Segi Univesity Communication and Creative Faculty, CTRL Graduate Showcase-2019 was organized to combine talent and work. The two-day long program began on Saturday, May 11, ending on May 12.

18 meritorious students, including Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, China, Maurice, Tunisia took part in CTRL Graduate Showcase-2019 on their innovation.
Among them, Tahmina Bhuiya Mina, Bangladeshi Student of the Communication and Creative Design faculty of Segi University was praised for her works. She got Best Design Award from her faculty! Segi University’s Dean AP Dr Mohammad Firdaus Low Abdullah handed over certificate and crest to Tahmina. Tahmina Bhuiya Mina is a descendant of Araihajar upazila of Narayangonj District.

Four Bangladeshi meritorious students highlighted their talents about their innovation.
Their innovative things are ‘Death Escape’ by Tahmina Bhuiya Mina and ‘Quiet’ by Salman Rabby two new 3D game, Jarin Afroza’s ‘BD Digital Apps’ will meet important requirements for utility bill payment, passport and NID related services. Saif Mostafa Pranto Modern day human trafficking. He gave the idea of a modern campaign to reduce human trafficking through his project.

There are also other projects, like:- Personal Safety App(Mohannad), Awareness on major depressive disorder(Zetty), Campaign for Internet Addict(Teha), Campaign for Women self defence(Latif), Campaign for Obesity among Children (Alif), Campaign for Safe sex(Masita),Campaign for Upcycling textiles(Sakshi), Campaign for deforestation( Rim), Campaign for underage drinking(Ansy), Campaign for Kids Suicidal reason(Andai), Campaign for enough sleep(Fan), Campaign for Youth unemployment(Ashton), Pollution Awarness(Weithing)and Tv ads about the power of bare face(Jasmine).

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