First BRT Garder installed in Bangladesh (With Video)

PBA REPORT:  The first Dhaka Sustainable Urban Transport Bus Rapid Transit (BRT, Gazipur-Airport) project in Bangladesh has been installed for the first Girder . On Wednesday morning (October 30) the Girder was installed in uttara house building area . The said part is under construction of  Chinese  company JTEG by the Bangladesh bridge authority. Project manager Ji Lei was present at the ceremony.

First BRT Garder installed in Bangladesh

Mr. Ji Lei reacted to the news agency Press Bangla Agency (PBA) after the establishment of Girder. he said the project is going to overcome various obstacles for implementation. Especially during the day there are a lot of vehicles. As a result, they have to work more at night.Moreover, they have encountered many problems while working on the under ground . Overcoming all obstacles, the project work is moving forward.They are very happy to have installed the first girder.

The project has been adopted under the direction of the Prime Minister (BRT, Gazipur-Airport) to facilitate the smooth, fast and comfortable movement of the people of Gazipur City Corporation with Dhaka City. Under the project, 40,000 passengers will be transported on both sides every hour. If the project is implemented, it will take only 20 minutes to reach the airport railway station from Joydevpur intersection in Gazipur, where it will take up to a few hours if the traffic falls. There will be 140 BRT buses. There will be a total of 25 stations till Gazipur-airport.
The estimated cost of the project is Tk 2,000 crore in joint financing of Asian Development Bank (ADB), French Donor Organization (AFD), Global Environment Facility (GEF) and Bangladesh Government. Of this, the Government of Bangladesh will fund Tk.

First BRT Garder installed in Bangladesh

The main works of the project include BRT Corridor 20 km, Flyover 6 , Elevated Road 4 km, Connection Road 141, Market Development 10, Storm Drain 12 km, 8 lane Tongi Bridge, Gazipur Bus Depot.  On the basis of the construction of multimodal hubs in the area of ​​airport railway station.

The six flyovers include: Airport Flyover 815m, Jasimuddin Flyover 580m, Kunia Flyover 550m, Islamic University of Technology Flyover 550m, Vogra Flyover 580m and Joydebpur Flyover 2014m.

There will be two main terminals at Gazipur and airport stations. And there will be 25 stations in the middle. The bus will depart from the station every two to five minutes. The service will be charged on the smart card.

BRT is a globally recognized system for reducing traffic congestion. The law provides for imprisonment of up to 5 years or a fine of Tk 1 lakh or fine for both persons who operate a bus on this route without BRT license. In addition, there is a provision of imprisonment for violating any provision of the law.


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