Inauguration of the official website of the BOJA

DUJ President Abu Zafar Surya is inaugurating the official website of BOJA

PBA Desk: The official website of Bangladesh Online Journalists Association – BOJA has been inaugurated.

Dhaka Union of Journalists President Abu Zafar Surya inaugurated the website at its own office at Uttara on Tuesday (May 21st).

Chairman of World Press Ltd Mohammad Ali Akbar and Uttara West Thana Officer-in-Charge Tapan Chandra Saha were present as special guests.

President of the Central Committee of the BOJA  and editor of Photo Bangla Agency-PBA, Jahid Ikbal, presided over the opening ceremony.

Organization’s vice-president Rebel Monwar Presented the ceremony.

Dhaka Journalist Union President Abu Zafar Surya addressed the inauguration of the website of the BOJA

President of the DUJ Abu Zafar Surya said that the journalists’ bread and professional status are threatening today. They had to do their responsibilities through daily challenges. In this situation, journalists have to maintain professional integrity and unity. He said journalists must be aware of their rights and dignity.

Uttara West Thana OC Tapan Chandra Saha said that, there is a lot of work to do for journalists for the society. Although this career is very challenging and extremely risky. Then those who work at risk.

He said, now people can know the news instantly on the opportunity of online journalism. He assured all types of cooperation for journalists.

Among others, Atiqul Islam, Manzur Hossain Isa, Simanto Arif, General Secretary Ibrahim Sarker, Arafat Mahmud, zisad Ikbal, organizing secretary Saiful Arif Jewel, Mizanur Rahmaar Hasan and Roni Imran spoke among others.


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