Indian Youth Leader’s protest against corruption by riding motorcycle alone 11,000 KM

Dr. KK Singh

PBA Desk: Renowned youth activist in India and Founder & Chairman of International Youth Committee (IYC ) Dr. KK Singh turning the tide against corruption by protesting in front of all Legislative Assembly Houses of India by riding motorcycle alone 11,000 KM (6835 miles) across 22 states to give strong message to leaders in the Lok Sabha Election 2019.

The main theme of his campaign is to fight against corruption in preview of the upcoming Lok Sabha Election 2019 under slogan “Strong Youth; Better India” #DemocracyOnWheels.

He mainly targets the 80 Million first time voter of the country to participate in democracy to give their voice through vote. It can be noted that India is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, according to Transparency International with Global Corruption rank of 81.

He said, “I am giving strong message to all the political parties, their leaders (candidates) and people to fight against corruption and not to accept to sell vote by money by protesting in front of parliament house including all assembly houses of all states where policy makers are sitting inside” He also further stated that, “Select deserving candidate, not party to make our nation stronger with stronger youths.”

He is currently campaigning all over India by riding motorcycle alone starting from Chandigarh for 11,000 KM (6835 miles) in 45 days across 22 states despite the current heat wave and hot sunny days.

Dr. KK Singh is an iconic multi-humanitarian award winner, a youth crusader, an author and also a World Traveller. He is serving more the youth from over 170 countries to empower them by providing educational resources, leadership opportunities, and a global network to the next generation of world leaders under his organization.

Dr. KK Singh

He is currently working to provide free education, food, basic healthcare and vocational training to over 3,000 arm victims children affected by arm conflicts in India and the world as his biggest mission and dream of life.

He received several international and national awards in recognition of his works. He is the author of the books “Beyond Malala”, “Becoming Global Man”, “The Living Leader”, etc.


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