Khaleda’s appeal hearing pending

PBA,Dhaka: The Election Commission kept its decision pending after hearing three appeal petitions of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia filed against the rejection of her nomination papers by Returning Officers for three constituencies.

At one stage of hearing, EC said it will hear the petitions once again and will deliver its order.

EC held the hearing at its premises on Saturday (December 8).

ROs declared Khaleda Zia’s nomination papers illegal on the grounds that she is convicted in two cases under lower courts.

Three constituencies are Feni-1, Bogura-6 and Bogura-7. Lawyers Mohammad Ali and Joynal Abedin moved for Khaleda Zia.

Returning officers rejected 786 nomination papers while declaring 2,279 candidates qualified across the country out of total 3,065, submitted by aspirants in 300 constituencies.

Saturday (December 8) is the last day of appeal hearing. The last date for the withdrawal of candidature is December 9. The electoral symbols will be allocated on December 10. The 11th national elections are stated for December 30.


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