Lina attends Int’l youth conference in Malaysia

Kaysar Hamid Hannan,,PBA,Malaysia:  NTV’s Sharmin Lina attends Int’l youth conference in MalaysiaNews presenter of Bangladeshi popular television channel International Television Channel Ltd (NTV) and Deputy Ambassador of International Youth Committee Sharmin Nahar Lina participated in International Youth Centres Engagement Conference 2019 (IYCEC).

Participants from 12 countries joined at the conference held from 22 April to 28 April, jointly organised by Ministry of Youth and Sports, Malaysia and International Youth Committee and Malaysia Youth Council.

NTV’s Sharmin Lina attends Int’l youth conference in Malaysia
The conference was held to gather youth centre professionals, practitioners and workers from all over the world to convene and be engaged in sharing their experiences in developing and managing their human capital resources and in the governance of their centres in programme delivery with the aim of enhancing their roles and sustainability.

This year’s IYCEC slogan was ‘Urban Resilience to Enhance International Youth Centres.’ Total 14 youths from Bangladesh attended the conference.

Sharmin Nahar Lina said To PBA  ‘My goal is to inspire the youths for achieving sustainable development by 2030 and help Bangladesh to gain international recognition as well as inspiring the new generation for working towards social awareness building to make the world a reliable one.’


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