Malaysia Geomatika University College Organised iftar

Kaysar Hamid Hannan ,PBA,Malaysia: One of the Malaysian prestigious educational institute, Geomatika University College (GUC) Organised iftar with Milad Mahfil. It was held at the Hadramwat restaurant in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur on Friday.

The Iftar program was presided over by the International Office Director of this university, Associate Proffessor Maminul Islam Momin. In order to glorify this event, President of GUC, Prof. S.R. Mohiaji, attended as the chief guest. Moreover, PhD researcher, Shaykh Mizanur Rahman Azhari, is a student of International Islamic University Malaysia, attended as a special guest.

Before the Iftar, he discussed the significance of Islam in the Quran and the human life. After discussion, Munajat was prayed for the happiness and prosperity of the entire Muslim Ummah, including Bangladesh.



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