Mashrafe carry on to World Cup

PBA, Dhaka—Bangladesh ODI captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza decicded to take part in the general election, everyone had accepted it as fact that the captain will not continue with his cricket career after the cricket World Cup. The cricketer himself today reiterated that his target is to play till the World Cup, scheduled for May next year.

However, the cricket-loving Mashrafe, who had suffered many injuries during his career — some undoubtedly career-threatening, said that if he continued to be fit after the World Cup, he will do what he needs to play on unless injuries rule out that possibility.

The upcoming ODI series against the Windies has been touted as Mashrafe’s last series captaining the side at home. The veteran of 199 ODI matches reiterated that right now his target is to reach the World Cup.

“My mind is set up upto the world cup. Before the Champions trophy I was thinking about whether I will be able to continue after the tournament. After that my fitness and performance was okay so I could afford upto 2019,” he said.

“After that I have a chance to review my situation. If I am not in a good condition then I will have to quit,” the 35-year old cricketer added, suggesting that maybe there was going to be some soul-searching after the tournament in England.

And “What if you are fit?,” the obvious question followed from a reporter.

A fighter to the core, Mashrafe has battled on through numerous injuries and he reminded everyone present of the ‘never say die’ attitude.

“If you look onward from 2011, most people here thought that my career was finished. By the Almighty’s blessings I could carry on for seven years after that. My family was even asking If I would be able to but somehow I managed it,” he said, indicating that he has overcome precarious situations to continue playing.

On this being his last series at home, he said: “For me, every series was the same as it is now even before this election. My beginning or end doesn’t matter. I never thought like that and am not thinking like that now. “

“Ofcourse we want to win the series but the series will be the same for me,” the Bangladesh captain concluded.




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