Monwarul Islam Rebel, the son of the clay and with an indomitable spirit

PBA,Dhaka: Monwarul Islam Rebel loves to introduce himself as a village boy and he came from Rangpur. He is working with his talent and hard work for the development of the people of the village. He is relentlessly motivating the youth especially in the fields of Education, IT, and Agriculture.

Rebel Monwar was born in the Manurchhara village of Rangpur district. He was born into an agrarian and merchant family. He did Honors in Linguistics at Dhaka University, Masters in Victimology and Restorative Justice at Dhaka University, PGD in International Relations, and ACMP from IBA.

He then completed a BBA and MBA in Marketing from the Royal University of Dhaka. Then he did a Diploma in Computing and Cyber Security from Swiss Universal Higher Educational Institute, Zurich, Switzerland. He completed his Diploma in Strategic Management from the same institute and completed his research and MPhil in Digital Marketing and Business Leadership. He is researching as a Ph.D. Research Fellow at Parul University, Gujarat, India.

At present, he is studying more than one subject in the country and abroad as well as has set up several established companies in the country. He is the Founder COO of Edison Group (Symphony Mobile’s parent company) IT and agro sector. He was Marketing Director at Daffodil Group’s Dolphin Digital, Daffodil Cyber Security Solutions, Daffodil Multimedia, Skill Jobs. Monwarul Islam Rebel is the young generation representative of Bangladesh in Corporate Culture, Work Ethics, Innovative Approach, Strategic Planning, and Business Development. He got business education from his adolescence when he used to give time to help in his father’s shop.

But in a real sense, he has been in the business development career in institutional business and investment for more than 10 years. He has taken business development to a unique height by constantly experimenting with new ways in his career.

When a company struggles to survive, or its financial capacity is reduced to zero, when a breathtaking situation arises for everyone involved in such an initiative, then Monwarul Islam Rebel comes up with his creative thinking, the latest knowledge of the business world, and his intuition and experience. And with his creativity, he gave new momentum to the loss-making business and pointed out the blueprint for transformation into a profitable organization.

He has always thought of bringing various positive reforms in the corporate sector and his far-reaching innovative and welfare initiatives have recognized him as a visionary leader. From student life, he liked to think freely, and he did not want to be confined to any fixed limits.

Over time, Monwarul Islam Rebel enriched himself with deep knowledge of business development and marketing as well as IT and BPO and established himself as a scholar in the society. He served as COO of Jadro IT Limited, Orange Business Development, and BPO, AGD IT Solutions BD Limited.

She also worked as a Brand and Media Consultant for Sylhet Women’s Medical College and Hospital and Techno Outsource UK Limited. During his student life, he worked as a reporter for Daily Samakal and He later founded BengaliNews and was also the Executive Editor of Career Sangbad.

Besides these, he was also the Director and COO of a well-known and large organization like Best Way Group.
He is currently using his knowledge and experience to play a special role in the expansion and development of the agro-industry by applying technology, IoT.

Rebel Monwar has started several projects for the development of the society which is playing a special role in the economic development and job creation in the society. In his student life, he was associated with the Dhaka University Career Club. From then on his career began to rise.

He is closely associated with several organizations in Bangladesh. Contains –

IT Sector: – Bangladesh Cyber Security Institute – BlockChain Technologies Bangladesh – Dolphin IoT Solutions – Rocket Robotics – Rangpur Cyber Center – AI Bangladesh – MediaTech Bangladesh.

Research Institute: – Bangladesh Marketing Research Institute – RSI – Bangladesh Project Management Foundation – Capital Marketing Professional Association of Bangladesh – Bangladesh New Media Research Institute.
Bangladesh Digital Market Institute Education: – Everfi Edu-Tech Bangladesh – Bangladesh Digital Learning Society – Edu-Tech Bangladesh – Floor Day – Bangladesh Short Film Institute – Dhakar Baire Boy er Dokan.

Society Community: – Bangladesh Industrial Engineers Network – Digital Marketing Expo Bangladesh – Connecting the Dot Society – Bangladesh Structure of Intelligence Society – Bangladesh Indigenous Career Forum – Bangladesh Business Resilience Forum – Bangladesh Bizarre.

Social Development: – Youth Career Institute – Agriculture Product Brand Association of Bangladesh – Youth Marketing Society.

He is also involved with some social organizations: – Elon Musk Study Group – Jack Ma Study Group – Warren Buffett Study Group. He is the Club Director of the Lions Club of Dhaka Infinity. He was also the Founder of Dhaka University Financial Leadership Club.

Monowarul Islam Rebel created the Neuro Marketing Research Center, the first neuromarketing organization in Bangladesh. He is the Additional Director of the World Marketing Summit founded by Professor Philip Kotler, the father of modern marketing science, and the Bangladesh Part of Kotler Impact Inc.

We hope that Monwarul Islam Rebel will continue his efforts and set an example in the development of society. Photo with Syed Alamgir, MD ACI Consumer Brand


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