Take action against the culprits before fires burn: Nur

ive female students of Dhaka University’s Ruqayyah Hall began a fast unto death

PBA, Dhaka: the  newly Vice President-elect of Dhaka University Central Students’ Union (DUCSU) Nurul Haque Nur urge the administration to take action against those culprits who harassed the students before fires burns of student movement. He also has expressed solidarity with the Ruqayyah Hall students who are on hunger strike.

Nur said in union with the demand placed forward by the demonstrators. He said, “I also demand that the hall provost step down as she does not have any moral rights to retain her post,”

Nur said that he is expressing solidarity with the girls as their “demands are logical”.

Earlier, five female students of Dhaka University’s Ruqayyah Hall began a fast unto death over 3-point demand related to the recently held DUCSU election, taking up position in front of their dormitories on campus from Wednesday night.

Five students – Saida Afrin Safi, Rafia Sultana, Shrabanna Shafique Dipti, Joyonti Reza, and Pramik Esha of the hall started their strike around 9:30pm.

They are demanding the resignation of Ruqayyah Hall Provost Prof Zinat Huda, reelection of Ducsu, and withdrawl of all cases against the independent candidates and their supporters including Ducsu VP-elect Nurul Haq Nuru.

He also came down heavily on the DU authorities showing apathy to the girls who have already spent a night at the hall’s entrance. Nur voiced concerns over the security of the girls.

Nur demanded resignation of Ruqayyah Hall Provost Prof Dr Zeenat Huda for “vote rigging and irregularities”.

“Vote rigging and irregularities took place in the (DUCSU) polls at Ruqayyah Hall. So, she has no moral right to hold the provost post,” he said.

Nur came up with the demand while expressing solidarity with the students of Ruqayyah Hall staging hunger strike.


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