The Criminal tied the girl’s neck with rope and dragged her to kitchen

PBA, Dhaka: The prime accused in Wari child rape and murder case, Harunur Rashid, took the girl to rooftop for showing it. He, then, violated the girl on the newly constructed 9th floor, leaving her unconscious.

Assuming her dead, Harun tied the girl’s neck with rope and dragged her to kitchen, placed it under the sink and fled the scene.

During interrogation, Harun described police about the murder, said Additional Commissioner of Detective Branch (DB) Abdul Baten at a press conference on Sunday afternoon.

Earlier on Friday night, police recovered the hanging body of seven-year-old Sayma from an empty flat on the ninth floor of the building in front of Bangram Mosque. She was the student of Silverdale School, and a resident in the building.

The father of seven-year-old Saima, appeals to the parents to stay alert so that their daughters do not fall prey to brutality like his daughter.

victim & killed child

“I urge the country people, stay alert so that your daughters do not fall prey to the brutality my daughter was subjected to; try to protect your daughters,” Abdus Salam said in a tear-choked voice.

“I couldn’t save my daughter. She just stepped out taking the permission of my wife. She was supposed to take a lesson from her mother. But the 10 minutes never ended…I finished my prayers but she didn’t return,” he said.

He was addressing media at the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) media centre after detectives arrested the prime suspect in the case filed over the egregious crime.


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