The significance of formal Ibadah in Islam

The month of Ramadan fasting program is a long-term non-stop program of self-purification.

Muhammad Abul Hussain


Many of our Muslim society think that the formal worships are all of the religion work. That is, they think that worship is meant only for salat, fasting, hajj, zakat, charity, etc. There is no other worship or religion work than this. But this idea is not right at all. This kind of confusion has been created because of not having the correct idea about Ibadah.

What is Islamic worship or Ibadah?

In fact, the word ibadat عبادة is an Islamic terminology. This is an Arabic word. Its lexical meaning in English is slavery or servitude. And slavery or servitude means utter obedience. That is, if someone is blind obediently without any question or objection, then such unconditional loyalty is called slavery or servitude. It’s another English word is surrender.

The Islamic view of worship is to worship Allah alone. It is not easy for people to be enslaved or slaves to others other than Allah. And worshiping Allah or slaves-slavery is not limited to some formalities, but rather the whole of life in this universe. Because Allah has created man in order to be his slave. It has been said about the purpose of life of human in the holy Qur’an that human has been created only to serve of God: ‘I have created the jinn and the human race only for my worship-slavery.’ – Surah Az-Zariyat: 56

In fact, there is no life outside the obedience of Allah in the life of a believer. In every case of life, to bring every moment under the absolute loyalty of Allah and to reject all other loyalty to the obedience of Allah, it is the fate of Tauhid. Establishing the authority of God in the unbroken life of a person is the demand of faith. Earlier, we have clarified this on the topic of Tauhid.

The question may be, if there is a need to worship all over the life, then what is the need for separate worship, specially, salat, fasting, hajj, zakat etc. need separately?

Actually, the significance of Islamic worship is the fact that they prepare people in their actual workplace or career who believe in the Islamic jurisdiction to comply with the laws or commandments of Allah.Because, in order to fulfill Allah’s commandments in the real workplace, various obstacles from both sides of the heart and the outside will stand before the people. As a person’s nafs or instinct, he misleads them; In the same way, outside attraction and attraction of worldly life, greed, lust, and illusion have created many obstacles. Being a devoted servant of God or a pure believer is not a matter of being the master of such obstacles. For this reason, the formal worship or fundamental acts of Islam, in order to be the true servant of Allah in the real life, are basically prepared for surrender to the Muslims through a continuous training program.

The formal worship is mainly the remembrance of Allah. As long as there is a remembrance of Allah in the mind, it is not possible for him to do any unrighteous work. That is why the prayers of prayers, fasting, Hajj, and zakat, etc. are arranged in such a way that they control the life of a person, that if a person observes the proper meaning of these worshipers, then there is no scope for his life to be clean and holy.

Salat (Prayer)

For example, let’s say about the ‍Salat or prayers. It is mandatory to pray for five times a day. Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Esha – Apart from these five prayers, there is also a number of other weekly prayer services for prayer. Through these five times obligatory and non-prayerful prayers every day, a Muslim has to humiliate the head of obedience to Allah, prostrate himself. The purpose of this is to cure greed and lust at different stages of the day-to-day life, in the face of the abundance of the richness of the world, so that people do not forget about God and do not get caught in sin and indecencies. That is why the prayer in the holy Quran is called the remembrance of Allah or the Zikr. It is not possible for him to participate in wickedness as long as he remembers the fear of God in his heart. For five times the arrangement of prayer has been arranged for the remembrance of Allah, His fear, and His love of awakening in the heart.

The start of a Muslim’s day begins with the prayers by performing Salat of the bowing down to the court of Allah, ie the end of his day – that is, the bedtime also falls in the form of prostration to the Supreme Lord. Thus, when the fear of God is awakened in the heart of the believer, it is not possible to act against immoral or conscience. It is possible for him to make free from sinlessness and indecency. That is why in the holy Qur’an, Allah says: ‘Surely, Salat (people) prohibits from indecency and wickedness. “- Anakabut: 45


Likewise, it is also possible to say aboutSiam. The month of Ramadan fasting program is a long-term non-stop program of self-purification.Basically, the Ramadan fasting is the name of a continuous meditations. This pursuit is on the self; the pursuit of winning and controlling the control of humanity or its conscience on human materialism, the pursuit of establishing the chain of morality on brutality.

Through the inspiration of Allah’s command, from theSubheSadiq (Dawning) to the sunset, at the command of Allah, in the hope of seeking His pleasure, Muslims refrained from food and drink, sexual desire, falsehood, indecency, filth and wickedness, through this one month unstinted accomplishment, the mundane and social creatures get an opportunity to purify their stigma. And this is how he can be a beloved servant of God or a pious person, and this pious person is created by the purpose of fasting. It is said about the purpose of fasting in the holy Qur’an: “O you who believe, fasting is ordained for you, just as you were commanded before, so that you may be pious.” – Baqara: 183


Likewise, it is also to say about Zakatand. Islam wants to make people as ‘insan Ekamel’ – Perfect human. The full development of humanity is the goal of Islam. The Messenger of Allah said, “I have come to the fullness of the moral character.” So, the desired society of Islam is the best-ever society of human ideology. Establishment of Haq-Insaf and mutual equality-harmony is the main objective of Islamic society.

Islam wants to control the people’s unlimited greed and redness of wealth, and also want to eliminate the widespread discrimination between the rich and the poor. Because of this, slam, on the one hand, imposes control on arbitrary or illegal income; on the other hand, Islamic ideology does not allow unrestricted freedom even for the expense of wealth.In other words, Islam does not want to prevent the normal marriage of earning money in legal ways.However,So that the people do not become slaves of wealth, and do not abandon conscience and humanity, Islam wants to control and restrainpeople’s unbounded money income and expendituretrendsbythe ‘halal-haram’ rack. It has been said in al-Qur’an: “Take the lawful and good provision which Allah has given you.” – Al-Ma’ida: 88. But ‍also the restriction has been prohibited. It has been said, ‘Do not consume one another’s property among your-selves, and do not lie in front of the judges knowingly for the sake of embezzlement of another’s property.’; ‘Allah does not like the transgressors.’ It has also been said that ‘Halal Income is the prerequisite for acceptance of worship.’ That is, Islam does not want people to be seen as just a living animalrather than consumerism, instead of consumerism, Islam wants to instill in humanity with the ideals of sacrifice, rather than love of wealth, Allah wants to establish love as a human standard. It has been said: ‘It is not a reward for anyone’s grace, but they (the believing people) give wealth to self-realization. His only Lord’s satisfaction is his only hope. And he will surely be pleased with him. “- Lyle: 18-21

Zakat has been given to make this spirit a symbol. The purpose of Zakat is to control thediscrimination between rich and poor and also poverty-reduction.

This economic discrimination is a great obstacle on the path of building ideals of brotherhoodin the society. Zakat is the protection of this brotherhood. Zakat-based economy guarantees and protection of fraternal and poverty-free society. Zakat is one of the fifth pillar of Islam. Its importance only after the Prayer. About the Qur’an, the Zakat has been mentioned in prayer with the prayers. That is, there is no chance of becoming a poor, humble person, miserable person. A true believer-Muslim person must be blessed with charity and poor people, Muslims must love people. It has been said: ‘Those who are niggardly and command man to be niggardly; And whoever turns away from the poor, then know that Allah is Rich and Praiseworthy. “- Hadeid: 24; ‘Shaytan threatens you with poverty and orders snatches. And Allah promises you His forgiveness and grace. Allah is All-Embracing, All-Knowing.”


Likewise, the purpose of Hajj is to integrate the solidarity and unity among believers worldwide. It is therefore seen that the formal works of Islam are basically some of the fundamental programs taken for the purpose of self-purification and awakening the main spirit of Islam. The purpose of formal worship is to make people in greater workplace to be truly surrendered and true Muslims.

This resulted in the creation of peace and beauty of the earth by getting the purity of the person and society of the person through the constant action of loyalty and sijdah in the court of Allah in the field of salat-mat or officially on the other.


The question is, ceremonial worship is being observed enough, but what are the results we get? The number of devotees in the mosque is increasing, in the month of Ramadan the crowd of devotees in mosques. Millions of people are performing Hajj every year, but moral values ​​are not changing much.

The answer is, How we emphasize the formalities of religion, we are not giving importance to its spirit.Spirit is the life of religion. When the spirit is lost from religion, it becomes a completely formal ceremony. That is why we see that a man standing in Prayer bed,is standing in the position of self-sacrificing God, bowing down, prostrating and proclaiming Allah’s supremacy and His sovereignty, and proclaiming the Word of God, and proclaiming His obedience to none else; As Allah is the only lord and guardian and friend, recognizing his reliance on every moment of life and every work, he is praying and praying for his mercy, whereas the person stands out of the mosque and stands against Allah’s law.

What is the reason? The reason is that he does not know what he is reciting and what he is praying in Salat.Without knowing the meaning, he reciting the words of Allah Just like a parrot. That is, we have just become accustomed to formalism. Because of not knowing the significance of worship, we have moved away from the blasphemous religion. Because of not knowing the significance of formal worship, today we have converted them into a completeinanimate formality.

For this reason, it is seen that in the month of Ramadan only competition for increasing the price of goods. The holy month of Ramadan is the month of fasting, self-purification month. Self-criticism month. The Messenger of Allah said, ‘The person who fasting with faith and ehtesabad will be forgiven of all sins and sins before and after.’ We fast but we do not have this self-criticism. That is why we keep fasting and also tell falsehood. Many people also see that fasting all day, but prayers do not fall. What is the reason? Because those formalities. They are seeing the letter of Lecturer rather than the spirit of religion. That is why they do not perform fasting in the name of Roja, not just fasting, not self-purification or self-criticism. If there were these, then there would be no question of raising prices of Ramadan items. But the Prophet He said, ‘Whoever can not give up falsehood and mummery, he alone does not need Allah for the sake of eating food.’

That is why we do not see the prevalent effects of Ramadan in our culture of society, our moral character. The direct evidence we get from the end of Ramadan. Because those mosque worshipers are not seen anymore in the mosques. During Ramadan, those who used to pray for five times, many of them could not see prayers after Ramadan. Because of that formalization.

For the same reason our religiousspirit‍ is not seen in the Eid festivals too. Although our two festivals are mainly religious festivals But these two festivals have now become mainly festive festivals. Because of that, the universal joy of these festivals, the greatness of their being, it is quite faded. The gap between the overflowing abundance and starving people on the one hand is increasing day by day. These festivals have become a completely formal ceremony, just like the days of the ignorance. Sarees of millions of rupees and the eighth month of Eid, the crowds in the big markets of the city are essentially the signs of consumerism. This festival of humanity and brotherhood, mutual love and sympathy has now become a lot of enjoyment and brutal festivity, which is mainly centered around the rich class of society. We do not see any of the spirit that Zakat was supposed to offer, but rather we see people suffering from poverty and poverty are being stabbed every year to bring the so-called zakat cloth to the rich house. But the Zakat can play a great role in poverty reduction.




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