US Embassy grants PPE to the Bangladesh Armed Forces

M.Ibrahim Sarker, Dhaka: Today the U.S. Embassy contributed essential personal protective equipment (PPE) to the Bangladesh Armed Forces Division (AFD) Presented by US Ambassador Earl R. Miller. The PPE included 1,200 KN95 surgical masks, 3,000 200-milliliter bottles of hand sanitizer, 8,000 washable face masks, 9,000 pairs of surgical gloves, 600 reusable HAZMAT suits, 100 disposable HAZMAT suits, and 500 face shields — all purchased locally from Bangladeshi companies. This is the sixth in a series of equipment distributions the U.S. Embassy has provided in support of Bangladesh’s COVID19 response. The U.S. is a proud and trusted partner, having provided over $43.4 million to complement the Government of Bangladesh’s ongoing COVID19 response efforts and building on more than $1 billion in health assistance provided tob bangladesh over the past 20 years


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